Fagerstrand terminal

Fagerstrand North terminal - N59' 44,0 min / E10' 35 min

Located on the east side of the Oslofjord, about 3-4 hours sailing from Færder pilot-station. One 70 meter jetty, the lubeoil and some chemical products are going up to shore-tanks in the hillside. Normal discharging rate is 2-400 cbm pr hr. The area is ISPS certified.

The max arrival draft passing Drøbak is 11 meter day and night, this area is 0,5 hour before entering port of Fagerstrand. 

- 170/180 m loa restrictions
- 10,3 m safe draft (brackish)
- No beam restrictions
- 4 and 6 inch hose connections
- Tyre fenders
- Tide 0,3 meter
- No slop-facilities, can be done by truck/barge, but the price is high

Fresh water for washing available on the jetty. Drinking water can be delivered by truck.